YMCA Babysitting Training Course

Have you ever thought about becoming a babysitter but just don’t know where to begin?

If you are between the ages of 11 and 15, join us at the YMCA of Sequim for our Babysitting Course that will go over topics such as Basic First Aid, babysitting as a business, leadership skills, safety, injury prevention and basic care-giving skills.


You will learn skills for providing basic care, safe play, and first aid while developing your leadership techniques and professionalism. Successful completion will result in your Babysitting Certification.

Virtual Babysitting Course

Starting July 2020, we will offer a combination online and in-class babysitting training course while our facilities remain closed through Phase 2. The course will be at no cost to participants thanks to generous donations from your community. 

This babysitting course is a combination of online training and in-class training at the YMCA of Sequim. Each student will be provided a link to an online class after registering. The online class consists of 19 lessons that last from 2 to 7 minutes each. The classes can be taken at any time but must be completed before the in-class training at the YMCA of Sequim. Select one in-class training you would like to attend at the YMCA of Sequim and notify the instructor which class you would like to take (an instructor email will be provided) to complete the course.

In-class training at the YMCA of Sequim will be limited to 4 students per class to comply with social distancing guidelines. All students will be required to wear a face mask for in-class training (if class can be held outside and 6 feet spacing maintained, masks will not be required).

AGES:                      11-15 years old


                               Tuesday, August 11  1 p.m.-3 p.m. *(NEW!)*

                               Tuesday, August 25  1 p.m.-3 p.m. * (NEW!)*

WHERE:                  Combination of online and in-class training at the YMCA of Sequim, 610 N. 5th Avenue, Sequim.

COST:                     Free thanks to generous donations from your community

REGISTRATION: Register by calling the YMCA of Sequim at 360-477-4381 or email Gail Sumpter, at gail@olympicpeninsulaymca.org. Please sign up at least 10 days prior to the in-class training you choose so you have time to finish the online training. 

For more information, please contact Gail Sumpter at Gail@olympicpeninsulaymca.org or 360.477.4381 ext. 310