Free 7th Grade Membership at the Y

This initiative offers free Y memberships to all 7th-grade students on the Olympic Peninsula. The goal of the program is to inspire youth to discover their passions, develop a healthy lifestyle and gain the assets needed to avoid risky behaviors and succeed in school and life. To activate the free membership, 7th-graders should bring their school ID or report card and a parent or guardian with them to the YMCA of Port Angeles or the YMCA of Sequim. Parents should provide the required membership information and youth can begin to use the membership benefits immediately. The free membership expires September 1.

Registration:  Graduation Day of 6th grade
Location: YMCA of Port Angeles and YMCA of Sequim
Cost: Free for 7th Grade Students

Why 7th Graders?

Research shows that seventh-grade is a critical time in a young peron's life when exposure to risk factors greatly increases. Risk factors are conditions or influences that have been shown to increase the likelihood for unhealthy behaviors including substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school drop out and violence. It is also during the early teen years that youth begin to distance themselves from family and positive support. 

The Y will make accessible the support and opportunities that empower these youth to reach their personal potential. It will also provide youth with the knowledge, skills, character and passion to be more active in the community as adults.