Jim Trumbo

Jim is staying active, sharp and living an outstanding life at the age of 92. He has been a member of our YMCA, going on 10 years now, and has never looked back. Jim’s journey at the YMCA started back in WWII when he was 19 years old. Jim said when they were not at camp and he needed a place to stay, the YMCA offered just that, “A nice, warm place to stay with a clean bed.” While deployed he stayed at a YMCA in Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle. Later in life his doctor referred him to join the YMCA. Upon joining he linked up with the Active Older Adults class and has been a participant ever since.

Ever since Jim joined here at the YMCA he has attended the Active Older Adults class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.  Jim says that the biggest accomplishment and personal impact from this class has been routine, exercise and making good friends. When the instructor Barb Oliver is absent, Jim along with two other members in the class step up to the plate and help instruct. Jim says that they have the routine down, but it’s always changing so what he can’t remember the others will. “We work as a team.”  Jim believes that the most important physical activity for himself would be leg exercises, to keep him   walking. Coming from the oldest participant in the Active Older Adults class, Jim believes that the key to living such a long and  thriving life is not only  being healthy and working out but also the social connections he's made. Research has shown that social  interaction is a key element for older adults,   helping with physical and emotional health as well as cognitive function. Jim’s advice to other Y members is to “be friendly to others, and do what you love.”

Barb Oliver is not only the AOA instructor that helps push Jim, but is also a great friend of his. She has been teaching here at the Y for 7 years but has been an avid class participant for some time now. She believes that this class is a “stimulating mind and body workout for the older adults.” Not only does she think the older adults get the benefit from interacting with their peers in the class but also being apart of the YMCA. Barb said that the Y reminds her of the TV series “Cheers”, her class participants feel they are respected and  recognized by staff and other members. In addition to the social benefits this class offers, she works with them on everyday mobility practices such as; squatting, lifting, reaching, and simply reminding the body what it needs to do. “You are never too old. There is nothing quite like this class. They get to build unique, lasting relationships along with getting challenged physically.”

Programs such as Active Older Adults are very important to the YMCA, as it has helped Jim continue to enjoy his life. We are dedicated with helping anyone, regardless of age or background, find where they belong at the Y. Building relationships at the YMCA helps create a strong community not only for today or tomorrow, but for a lifetime and future generations.