Bettger Family

Adam, Chelsey and their 3-year-old daughter Leila have been members since 2015! Chelsey’s Y journey first began when she attended the YMCA of Port Angeles as a teenager in our Youth and Government program.

As her family grew, and they had a child of their own, Adam and Chelsey joined the Y because it had something for everyone in their family. When first joining they only utilized  Playcare that was only for YMCA Members. Thier use of the YMCA Family Membership allowed the Y to became a place for the Bettger’s to connect and grow together. “The Y offers us a safe place for Leila and quality time to improve ourselves. Being in a family friendly environment, while receiving support and recognition from staff is very important to us.”

Being at the Y has helped both Chelsey and Adam reach and maintain their goals. “Adam's goal is to be the best version of himself that he can possibly be. He also wants to live a long and healthy life. For me, it’s about having an hour of me time while being a stay at home mom and maintaining healthy habits." said Chelsey.

The Bettger’s make family trips to the YMCA whenever possible, “Coming in as a family has been of great help in motivating each other. Thanks to PlayCare we can take quality time to ourselves. Knowing that Leila is in an environment that is safe while learning to grow her social skills. It’s also a chance for Adam and I to model a healthy lifestyle for our growing family. Knowing we are setting a healthy example for the future is very important for us as parents.”

Chelsey and Adam’s one piece of advice for other Y members is “Just join the Y and make an effort to show up, getting yourself out the door is the first step towards a better you.”