Science Club

Schools continue to emphasize the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, but some of the best ways to get your child on that path are right in front of us.

From simple questions you can ask to full-on projects, you can plant seeds that could grow into 21st-century problem-solving skills.

The YMCA of Port Angeles, Port Angeles School District, Port Angeles Education Foundation, and Americorps expose Port Angeles High School students to real-world science. The Science Club takes monthly trips to science lectures, exhibits, and museums.

Funding is provided by the YMCA of Port Angeles (busing & Gas) and PAEF Teacher Grants (Ferries & Admission).

“Did your teachers force you to come?” asked the gentleman from Montana. “No, we all wanted to come” replied Gillian Elofson. “How much extra credit are you getting?” he wondered. “No extra credit” Mr Johnson answered. Thanks to support from the YMCA and Americorps, 23 Science Club students attended a lecture from paleontologist Jack Horner at the Egyptian Theater in Seattle October 16 and were personally greeted by Dr Horner, the gentleman asking the questions as they arrived!