Reservations for Facility Use

To make sure we are following capacity limits to provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone, we are asking all members to make a reservation to come and use our facilities. Each reservation will be for a maximum of 50 minutes per day. You may arrive 5-10 minutes before your reservation time to check into the facility. 

Reservations for Group Exercise Classes

Update November 16: At this time, you do not need to schedule reservations for virtual group exercise classes. Simply join virtual classes by clicking on provided links from your local Y via email. To view our Group Exercise Schedules, please click on the buttons below:

YMCA of Sequim Class Schedule        YMCA of Port Angeles Class Schedule 

How to Make an Online Reservation

Click on the links below to make a reservation at your local YMCA branch. 

YMCA of Sequim            YMCA of Port Angeles          Olympic Peninsula YMCA

Reservation Calendar View (NEW)

This allows you to see how many spots are open for each reservation type (group exercise class, gym, Wellness Center, or pool). You can also view and book reservations at the same time. Click on the calendar for your branch below to view and book reservations:

YMCA of Sequim           YMCA of Port Angeles

1. Sign in to Appointment King

Enter your first and last name as it is on your YMCA membership account. Enter your date of birth, your email account associated with your membership account, and your phone number. Then click "Find Me!"

In order for our system to be able to "find you" you must type in your full name exactly as it is written on your membership account. Make sure to include suffixes, for ex. "John Doe III," "Jr." or "Sr." if that is how your name is written on your account. 

If our system still can't "find you", call your YMCA branch and we can look up your name on your account. For the YMCA of Sequim, call 360-477-4381 and for the YMCA of Port Angeles call 360-452-9244.

2. Schedule Your Appointment

Select the date you would like to come in to use the YMCA facility, and select the available time you would like to come in. You will only be able to reserve a 50-minute session per appointment. You may arrive 5-10 minutes before your reservation time to check into the facility.

Make sure to select the "Appointment Type" which is the area of the facility you would like to use. You will be able to select these choices:

  • The Wellness Center (the weight room)  
  • The Gym (the large gymnasium where cardio machines are located; includes spin bikes, Nustep machines, etc.)
  • Lap Swim (the lap pool at the YMCA of Sequim only) 
  • 8:00 a.m. Walking Group
  • 5:30 p.m. Walking Group

Once you've selected the area you would like to use, then under "Any Staff Member" select the same area again, for example: Gym, Wellness Center, Lap Pool, etc.

Once you've selected the available time and filled in all the selections, hit "Book". 

3. Confirmation

Your reservation request has been sent and you will receive an email confirming your scheduled appointment. 


If you have any questions regarding how to make reservations, please call:

The YMCA of Sequim at 360-477-4381 and the YMCA of Port Angeles at 360-452-9244. You can also email