Re-Opening Plan

Welcome Back to the Y! 

We are so excited to re-open our YMCA facilities on Monday, August 10! We can't wait to see you! We have patiently been waiting to re-open our Y facilities in Phase 3, but this week the State released new Phase 2 guidelines in Washington's Safe Start plan that will go into effect next week. We are excited to announce that these new guidelines will allow us more flexibility to re-open our YMCA facilities in a limited capacity. 

Re-Opening Our YMCA Facilities

At the Olympic Peninsula YMCA, your safety is our top priority. We are following guidelines from the CDC, the State, and our local public health departments to keep everyone safe when we re-open. We plan to re-open our YMCA facilities in 5 Stages to slowly allow everyone back to our Y facilities. Stage 1 will have the most limited access and Stage 5 will be fully open. When we re-open on August 10, we will be in Stage 1 of our re-opening plan.

Limiting Capacity to Safely Social Distance

The new guidelines for Phase 2 require indoor fitness facilities to limit building capacity to 300 square feet of physical distance per person at all times.
 Occupancy may not exceed 50% of a facility's capacity. For this reason, we will only be able to allow so many members in our facilities at one time. Each Y location will have different capacity limits depending on building size, and each area in a Y facility will have specific capacity limits per its square footage. 

We will only be allowing active members into our YMCA facilities the first week we re-open. Members on hold or members who have cancelled their memberships can come back the second week we re-open to allow our staff enough processing time to re-active memberships. We thank you for your patience. We will not be offering guest passes, shower passes, or daily use passes at this time. 

Active members will be required to reserve a spot via a reservation system (in the works) to come and use our YMCA of Sequim and YMCA of Port Angeles facilities. Separate reservations will be required to use the lap pool at the YMCA of Sequim. We are working on getting our reservation systems up and running this week before we re-open on August 10. 

Facility Access & Available Services 

All members will be required to check in with their YMCA key fobs when they enter our YMCA facilities and must check out before they leave to safely ensure social distancing is being maintained. 

To see a tentative list of what YMCA services will be available in our Stage 1 re-opening, please click on the links below:

YMCA of Port Angeles Re-opening Stages       YMCA of Sequim Re-Opening Stages

*MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON*  Please be patient as we are adjusting our re-opening plans to meet the new Phase 2 guidelines released this week. Please check our website regularly for more information.

Keeping You Safe

We have taken the following safeguards at each of our YMCA facilities to keep everyone safe when we re-open:

Facial Covering Requirement: For the safety and well-being of all our members and Y staff, we will require everyone who enters our YMCA facilities to wear a facial covering (Secretary of Health Order 20-03). People who are engaged in high intensity activities, such as strenuous indoor fitness, training, recreation, and sporting activities, may not be able to wear a facial covering if it causes difficulty breathing.  Members may remove their facial covering during strenuous exercise, but must wear a facial covering at all other times inside YMCA facilities, including immediately before and after exercise. Members who cannot safely wear a facial covering due to a medical issue are exempt from this order. A proper facial covering must cover your mouth and nose at all times.  

Health Screening Acknowledgement: To keep everyone safe, we will require everyone to read and agree to this acknowledgement placed at the front of each YMCA facility before entering. 

Health Screening Acknowledgement

Safety Signage: Signage has been placed in each of our YMCA facilities that lets members, staff, and guests know what we're doing to keep everyone safe. Click on the links below to review some of our new health and safety procedures at your local Y branch

YMCA of Sequim Safety Signage      YMCA of Port Angeles Safety Signage     YMCA of Jefferson County Safety Signage   


If you have additional questions about our re-opening plans or need to make changes to your membership, please contact:

For general inquiries:

The YMCA of Sequim at 360-477-4381 or email Gail Sumpter, Branch Executive, at

The YMCA of Port Angeles at 360-452-9244 or Jeanine Thayer, Membership Coordinator, at

YMCA of Jefferson County at 360-385-5811 or email