Staff Directory

Olympic Peninsula YMCA
YMCA of Port Angeles
YMCA of Sequim
YMCA of Jefferson County


Olympic Peninsula YMCA

Wendy Bart Photo

Wendy Bart

Chief Executive Officer

360.477.4381 ext. 890

Cathy Bourm Photo

Cathy Bourm

Association Administrative Director

360.452.9244 ext. 891

Erin Hawkins Photo

Erin Hawkins

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 896

Christina Schildknecht Photo

Christina Schildknecht

Billing Support Specialist

360.452.9244 ext. 894

Sam Wilton Photo

Sam Wilton

Finance Director

360.452.9244 ext. 895


YMCA of Port Angeles

Nancy King Photo

Nancy King

Branch Executive

360.452.9244 ext. 102

Jeanine Thayer Photo

Jeanine Thayer

Member Services Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 103

Mikki Hughes Photo

Mikki Hughes

Health and Well Being Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 133


YMCA of Sequim

Chase Galvin Photo

Chase Galvin

Lifeguard Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 330

Jaimie Giffen Photo

Jaimie Giffen

Member Services Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 302

Gail Sumpter Photo

Gail Sumpter

Branch Executive

360.477.4381 ext. 390

Lee Schilling Photo

Lee Schilling

Health & Well-Being Program Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 333