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Olympic Peninsula YMCA
YMCA of Port Angeles
YMCA of Sequim
YMCA of Jefferson County


Olympic Peninsula YMCA

Wendy Bart Photo

Wendy Bart

Chief Executive Officer

Direct Number: 360.504.0526. Other: 360.477.4381 ext. 890

Cathy Bourm Photo

Cathy Bourm

Association Administrative Director

Direct Number: 360.504.0527 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 891

Erin Hawkins Photo

Erin Hawkins

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504.0530 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 896

Christina Schildknecht Photo

Christina Schildknecht

Billing Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504.0528. Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 894

Sam Wilton Photo

Sam Wilton

Finance Director

Direct Number: 360.504.0529 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 895


YMCA of Port Angeles

Nancy King Photo

Nancy King

Branch Executive

Direct Number: 360.406.4387 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 102

Jeanine Thayer Photo

Jeanine Thayer

Member Services Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.406.4388 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 103

Mikki Hughes Photo

Mikki Hughes

Health and Well Being Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504.0520 Other: 360.452.9244 ext. 133


YMCA of Sequim

Amanda Hazard Photo

Amanda Hazard

Member Services Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504.0533 Other: 360.477.4381 Ext 304

Jaimie Giffen Photo

Jaimie Giffen

Administrative Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504. 0532 Other: 360.477.4381 ext. 302

Gail Sumpter Photo

Gail Sumpter

Branch Executive

Direct Number: 360.504.0538 Other: 360.477.4381 ext. 390

Lee Schilling Photo

Lee Schilling

Health & Well-Being Program Coordinator

Direct Number: 360.504.0536 Other: 360.477.4381 ext. 333