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Olympic Peninsula YMCA

Len Borchers Photo

Len Borchers

Chief Executive Officer

360.477.4381 ext. 890

I’ve been involved with the YMCA since 1987. My first experience with the Y was private coaching at Yakima YMCA in 1983. I then moved to Port Angeles in 1985 and became a board member when David Duro was executive Director. At the Y, I am the Chief Executive Officer. But, I know my job is so much more; I help encourage all staff and members to develop professional skills and healthy living habits to inspire each other for higher levels of service and commitment. Every day, I work with an outstanding team to help them make the Olympic Peninsula YMCA and our communities a better place. While at the Y, I get excited when I hear a story about a member making changes to become healthier because of the Y. And I care most about the work we do for kids and adults who are trying to change and improve their lives. The one thing I love more about the Y is that we are continually striving to improve everything we do.

Cathy Bourm Photo

Cathy Bourm

Association Administrative Director

360.452.9244 ext. 891

Gina Caliendo Photo

Gina Caliendo

Marketing and Communications Specialist

360.452.9244 ext. 896

Christina Schildknecht Photo

Christina Schildknecht

Billing Support Specialist

360.452.9244 ext. 894

Holly Dempsey Photo

Holly Dempsey

Association Operations Assistant


Sam Wilton Photo

Sam Wilton

Finance Director

360.452.9244 ext. 895

Scott Bower Photo

Scott Bower

Facilities Director

360.477.4381 ext. 320

Nichola Russell Photo

Nichola Russell

Director of Development and Community Engagement

360.452.9244 ext. 899

Sarah Cowan Photo

Sarah Cowan

Training & Staff Development Specialist

360.452.9244 ext. 897

Jeff Randall Photo

Jeff Randall

Communications Specialist & Project Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 209


YMCA of Port Angeles

Nancy King Photo

Nancy King

Branch Manager

360.452.9244 ext. 102

Jeanine Thayer Photo

Jeanine Thayer

Member Services Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 103

Mikki Hughes Photo

Mikki Hughes

Health and Well Being Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 133

Cassie Williams Photo

Cassie Williams

Youth Development Director

360.452.9244 ext. 105

Trent Wiles Photo

Trent Wiles

Youth Sports Coordinator

360.452.9244 ext. 170


YMCA of Sequim

Kurt Turner Photo

Kurt Turner

Executive Director

360.477.4381 ext. 390

Jess Reynolds Photo

Jess Reynolds

Member Services Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 302

Gail Sumpter Photo

Gail Sumpter

Lifeguard Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 310

Lee Schilling Photo

Lee Schilling

Health and Well Being Coordinator

360.477.4381 ext. 333


YMCA of Jefferson County

Jessica Wedmore Photo

Jessica Wedmore

Branch Manager

360.385.5811 ext. 270

Dana Nixon Photo

Dana Nixon

Building Futures Coordinator

360.385.5811 ext. 207